Why Choose Tag?

Why would they steal my vehicle?

Whether your vehicle is new or old, high or low-end, there is always a risk of becoming a victim of theft.

  1. To Export
    Newer vehicles, and old and new high-end vehicles alike are generally stolen to be exported and sold over-seas.
  2. The Parts
    Thieves favour older vehicles, and popular models of old and new vehicles for their parts, which could be expensive to buy legally. So these vehicles are often reaped of specific parts which are then sold separately.

Vehicles are stolen when you least expect it – while you’re parked at the movies, the mall, a restaurant, or even in your driveway. An experienced thief can get away with your vehicle in as little as 30 seconds, and even a vehicle that is equipped with a traditional alarm system can be stolen in as little as two minutes!


Did you know that one vehicle is stolen every fifteen minutes in Canada? Of the provinces, Québec and Ontario are considered to be the hot-beds of automobile theft of, not just Canada, but all of North America. Notably, Québec’s recovery rate stands at just 30%; substantially lower than the national average of 75%.


So where does that leave us?

Even with the advent of several new technologies in vehicle tracking and theft prevention, thefts continue to plague vehicle owners. Vehicle tracking alone does nothing to stop a theft from occurring. The majority of conventional anti-theft devices are easily removed or bypassed, thus offering little or no deterrence to a thief.


These conventional security systems require hard-wiring to the electrical system of your vehicle which has the undesired consequence of limiting the places in which these systems can be hidden, making them vulnerable to discovery, deactivation and removal by thieves.

  1. Audible Alarms & Ignition Kill Systems
    Traditional systems like audible alarms or ignition kill systems are very easily bypassed. These systems are hard-wired to the vehicle’s power source. The wires leading to a siren on an audible alarm can easily be located and cut so that the alarm is not set off during a theft. Also, the general public has grown more and more immune to the sound of vehicle alarms because of the so-called “false alarm syndrome,” thus giving thieves even more reaction time.
  2. Cellular & GPS Systems
    Other systems, such as cellular and GPS, rely on 2-way radio-communication with satellites or a dedicated network, which can be easily detected, “jammed,” and rendered inoperable by well-known devices such as frequency jammers or counters. They also lose signal easily if they are underground or outside a city.

This is where Tag comes in.

TAG Tracking etch logo



Unlike traditional vehicle tracking systems on the market today, Tag does not require to be hard-wired to your vehicle’s electrical system, the Tag System cannot be jammed, and is nearly impossible to remove – it’s like trying to find several needles in a hay-stack!

Choosing to Tag your vehicle not only means that you have purchased the world’s best vehicle protection system on the market, but that you are investing in your peace of mind.

Go ahead, park your car at the shopping centre, the movies or your favourite restaurant.
Your vehicle is safe with us.

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